“London Bridge is Down”: What the protocol after the queen’s passing means

London Bridge is Down
London Bridge is Down
Queen Elizabeth II

London Bridge is down, and the queen’s private secretary will call the Prime Minister on “D-Day,” the day the queen passes away. The official announcement will then be made by the prime minister.

The UK Press Association and the press will receive a newsflash. All flags will be flown at half-staff, and bells of mourning will immediately begin to ring.

As per protocol, the prime minister will be informed over the phone that “London Bridge is down” by the queen’s private secretary. She is the longest-reigning monarch in history at 96 years old, having worn the throne for 70 years.

London Bridge is Down: Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 today Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 today.

The 96-year-old monarch had been dogged by health problems since October last year that left her with difficulties walking and standing.

The day before she passed away, on Thursday, her closest family members made the trip to be with her.

Politico received information about “Operation London Bridge,” according to which officials would call the day the Queen passes away “D Day.”

Within minutes the 15 governments outside of the UK where the Queen is head of State are informed followed by the other 36 Commonwealth nations and leaders around the world in which she has served.

The day after the Queen passes away, Charles delivers his first speech in his capacity as King, and the government swears his allegiance to him during a 41-gun salute in London’s Hyde Park.

In less than two weeks, the Stock Exchange will close for a second time, and many businesses will follow suit.

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