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Bimbisara movie

Bimbisara movie 2022:Bimbisara is a 2022 Indian Telugu fantasy action film written and directed by Mallidi Vasishta and produced by N. T. R. Arts. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, and Prakash Raj star in it. In the film, time travel transports King Bimbisara of the Trigartala Empire from the 5th century BCE to the modern world.

The film’s principal photography began in 2020 and ended in November 2021, with delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of the film was shot at Ramakrishna Studios in Hyderabad on a 40-crore budget. M. M. Keeravani composed the songs with Chirrantan Bhatt for the film’s score.

Bimbisara movie
Bimbisara movie


Bimbisara movie cast

Bimbisara movie Release Date

The movie will released on 5 August 2022.

Bimbisara movie Plot

A wanderer and his companion are pursued in a forest by a troop of soldiers in the fifth century BCE. They are thrown into a sinkhole, which leads to a cave. Skeletons emerge from mysterious mirrors and pull the soldiers into them as the wanderer fights the soldiers. To escape, the wanderer breaks one of the mirrors, releasing a demon from it. In return, the demon gives the wanderer a mirror that allows him to travel through time.

In the present, Shastri attempts to open Bimbisara’s treasure with the assistance of sorcerer Kethu. Shastri, on the other hand, is killed when he accidentally touches the treasure door to save his son. Subramanya Shastri, an acclaimed doctor, grows up and wishes to open the treasure and fulfill his father’s wish.

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Bimbisara of the Trigartala Empire was a ruthless king who ruled with an iron fist in the past. He can conquer kingdoms at will and has received several gifts, including Sanjeevani, which can bring the dead back to life. Bimbisara’s next goal is to conquer the Asmaka Kingdom. As they refuse to bow down, he kills the Asmaka king and imprisons Princess Ira. Bimbisara then receives the mirror he likes from the cave and keeps it in his bedroom. He attacks a religious village that defies his orders one day. He steals Dhanvantari, a medical book, and murders a girl and the priest who predict his demise.

Later, Bimbisara is attacked by his twin brother Devadutta (the wanderer), who pushes Bimbisara into the mirror and assumes the emperor’s throne.

Through the mirror, Bimbisara lands inside a truck in modern-day Hyderabad in 2022. The truck drivers throw him out onto the road. Bimbisara awakens but is befuddled by the modern world. He wanders aimlessly through the city, breaking into every mirror he can find in the hope of returning to his world. He is taken to the police station, where SI Vyjayanthi and constable Prasadam try to take advantage of him. Meanwhile, Kethu informs Shastri that Bimbisara has arrived, and the search for him begins. Vyjayanthi and Bimbisara attend a conference where they meet Vishwanandan Varma, who claims to be Bimbisara’s descendant.

They follow him to the location where Vishwanandan dedicates Bimbisara’s statue. A construction crane fails, causing its beam to fall directly on Bimbisara, who is saved by a girl who resembles the girl he killed in the past.

Bimbisara has a change of heart and befriends and cares for the girl. Shastri’s men track him down and kidnap the girl. Bimbisara thrashes them and saves the girl, earning her grandfather Vishwanandan’s trust. Shastri then murders the girl’s father and blackmails Bimbisara into locating the treasure. Shastri holds the girl’s family hostage and places her on her deathbed. He orders Bimbisara to open the treasure and summon Dhanvantari in order to save the girl.

Trigartala is gripped by a severe famine. Devadutta appears and decides to open the treasure. They begin a Homam to avoid the treasure door, which requires Bimbisara’s handprint and voice to open. Commander Bagheera decides to assassinate Devdutta and seize control of the kingdom. Zubeda, Bimbisara’s confidant, overhears it. He discovers the mirror in Bimbisara’s room and returns to the present to locate Bimbisara.

Due to the effect of Homam, Bimbisara is unable to open the treasure, and Shastri grants him time until nightfall. Bimbisara begs the goddess to give him a second chance. Zubeda tracks down Bimbisara and informs him of Bagheera’s treachery. They travel back in time together. Bagheera assaults Devadutta, but Bimbisara arrives just in time and kills him. The priest completes the Homam to open the door, despite the fact that it is fated for Bimbisara’s death. Bimbisara returns to the present to save the girl after handing over Dhanvantari and his kingdom to Devadutta.

Shastri is enraged that Bimbisara has returned empty-handed. His men attack him, but Bimbisara kills them both, as well as Kethu. Shastri fatally shoots Bimbisara moments before killing him. He saves the girl with the treatment he brought from Trigartala and dies just as Sanjeevani begins to shine in Trigartala.